GRWM: New Year's Party + Squatting 220lbs | 17 Years Old | Nastassia Ponomarenko

Songs Used: Crew Love – Drake ft. The Weeknd & Savage Mode by 21 Savage


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Hey everybody, it’s Nastassia! I’m an 18 year old who loves everything fitness, lifting heavy, and smashing my goals! Check out my channel to get even more workout, diet, and lifestyle tips! Love you all!

GRWM: New Year’s Party + Squatting 220lbs | 17 Years Old | Nastassia Ponomarenko

Nastassia Ponomarenko


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  1. Every time I see a person doing squats and going all the way down, I want to cringe. Yeah it builds a great ass and quads, but the pressure it puts on the rest of your body is just not worth it at all. Not to mention it weakens your ab and core muscles. I used to leg press over 1000 lbs back in the 90s, leg pressing is safer but caution should also be taken because of the extreme pressure it puts on your knees. I look back and those days now and I cannot believe how vain I was, and how I bought into that culture of empty bullshit. You will never have enough muscles, or enough money or possessions-find yourself before its too late. Don't be like the rest of this consumer driving culture of fear; be different. I hope I planted a seed of consciousness.

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