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Fitness Hoop Dance is a revolutionary program that incorporates dance, cardio, stretching and strength conditioning for a truly enjoyable workout

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Electro-Light & Jordan Kelvin James – Wait For You (feat. Anna Yvette) by NoCopyrightSounds

Electro-Light, Anna Yvette and Jordan Kelvin James


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  1. I dated a woman like this. She wasn’t a hooper until after we started dating and then she refused to dress conservatively on her instagram account, so I got jealous and we broke up. What can I say? I don’t want to date a porn star.

  2. Gorgeous girl! VERY cute face and smile! (her booty is perfect too, of course), but I love how she's just having so much FUN while doing this routine, with a BIG smile on her face! <3

    This type of dance routine looks even more amazing in the dark with a multi color LED lighted hoop, like while dancing at a rave or music festival!… This is a very cool new, growing trend that I've started to notice!

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