Stretch Intensive | Frog Pose

Welcome to my frog pose stretch intensive class 🙂 We work into frog for a full 15 minutes. This is an advanced stretching video. Breathe and enjoy!

As always, feedback is appreciated ❤️ Please leave your thoughts and suggestions below to help me make better videos!

Tune in and let me know when you are practicing with me!

[Flow With Adee] I am a registered yoga teacher with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology. Movement is essential to a happy, healthy lifestyle and I believe there is a form of movement for everyone. With roots in dance, much of my yoga is free flowing and therefore looks different on every body. That is the beauty of it! Allow your body to MOVE YOU. I hope my classes can provide you some peace and a time to tune in to your body and let go. xx


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  2. This is a nice video but it isn't realistic for most people. For most men out there or women who aren't as flexible, some tips I've found that help:
    1) Stretch all lower body muscles, not just frog pose. This will reduce any limits preventing you from hitting the frog pose.
    2) Stretch consistently, daily or every other day.
    3) Stretch later in the day. Your muscles will be more flexible.
    4) Stretch after a soaking at least 15 minutes in a hot bath. Warm muscles stretch further. Alternatively stretch after a run or leg exercise.
    5) During the actual stretch, break it up into sections. Push to a level of slight discomfort. Pause. Wait for a few seconds or until the position feels more comfortable. Inhale, then while slowly exhaling, push a little more while focusing on keeping the muscle relaxed. Relaxing the muscle really is key and takes a lot of practice to do properly while feeling discomfort or mild pain.
    For the frog pose stretch:
    1) 15 minutes is excessive. You'll notice in the video she was nearly 100% into the pose by the 3 minute mark.
    2) Slowly rocking the hips forward and back helps. My hips tend to lower slightly each time I move forward, then I maintain that height while slowly moving backward. Repeat.
    3) Be patient. I didn't see any progress for the first month. Then slow progress over the following months. You won't notice day to day changes, but when looking back at the height you were at when starting, the progress is significant and noticeable. This is a large time investment but the whole circuit of stretches takes only 10 minutes, so there's no excuse not to execute if you have this as a goal.
    4) After 1 month look into PNF stretching if you want faster progress.

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